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The Fun

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Meet Your Farmimoji Friends!

A one-of-a-kind children's APP that offers weekly education, entertainment, exercise whilst incorporating

captivating song and dance at your fingertips. 

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Ratings & Reviews


Ellen Manika

“As a Yoga Master I am  passionately supporting 'The Fun Farm – Little Kids Loving Life'- project. It is based on science, empathy and an understanding of how essential it is for our following generations to be healthy and strong on all levels. We are putting in a lot of effort and heart to make sure that children are provided with movement of body, breath and focus that is enriching and supporting a way of living that will be a foundation for the different paths of life they will choose. I hope you and your kids love it!”

Rowena McEvoy

As the Founder and Director of the MAX international Colleges it is an honour to know that The Fun Farm - Little Kids Loving Life, will be adding massive value to the lives of our children with this fun, simple, factual program to inspire our children (and their parents) to be healthy, fit and strong. The program is based on science, common sense, logic and is the overview of the entire MAX international Colleges Fitness Business Diploma, made simple for children to understand. We all at MAX believe The Fun Farm could be the inspiration our world needs to get fit and strong for a lifetime!"
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Kerry McEvoy

The Fun Farm – Little Kids Loving Life Project is based on the principles of functional anatomy, physiology and biomechanics through exercises & activities as demonstrated by demo dan – the fun farmer and by demo daisy – the fun farmer’s daughter. As a Sports Biomechanist, holding a Masters Degree in Health Science with over 37 years of experience. I consider the exercises and activities to be safe for little kids, I consider the exercises & activities will assist little kids with their fitness, strength and wellbeing and most importantly I consider the exercises and activities to be fun for little kids!"

Huffy Puffy Fun & Learning

Episodes Examples

Excersise 9 - tangly turtle.00_00_42_02.Still001.png
Kanagroo Episode still.PNG
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fun farm background 2436x1125.png

Huffy Puffy Exercise

& Yoga Stretching

(Designed & Displayed by

Qualified Fitness Professionals)

Singing, Dancing

& Jokes

(Written by Trained Professionals)

Education, Learning & Confidence

(Written & Formulated by Educational Professionals)

A Little Bit More About Us

Official Introduction

Available for Free*

The Fun Farm

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for a complete experience

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